Seattle Digital Photography | Stars Moon Sun / 星月太陽
Created 5-May-13
22 videos

Starry Seattle Project Test #04

Starry Seattle Project Test #01

Super Moon celebrates 50th Anniversary of Space Needle

Sun and Moon meets in Texas, Solar Eclipse 2012

Super Moon 2011 from Magnolia Bridge

Starry Seattle Proejct #05

Starry Seattle Project Test #02

Northern Lights sparked at Sparks Lake. Bend Oregon

A Gift From the Heavens

Starry Night at Lake Union

Starry Seattle, West Point Lighthouse

Starry Seattle, Rizal Park

A Message from the Sun

A Path to the Universe

Starry Seattle, Rattlesnake Lake

Full moon in Seattle, July 22nd, 2013

Starry Seattle, Kerry Park

Starry Seattle, Jose Rizal Park

Milky Way Arch on Picture Lake

Starry Seattle 2014 from Alki / 星降るシアトル アルカイから

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