Yoshiki Nakamura has spent over 20 years as a professional photographer and is a respected leader in the photography society in Pacific Northwest. He picked up his first digital SLR when professional quality DSLR became commercially available and has maintained his passion to capture beautiful Seattle, Pacific Northwest and beyond. He was a french horn player in his younger age and the digital recording technology was his study subject in his school. He believes the art of photography and art of music share common principles especially in a digital world. Besides the artistic value of the photographic image, all processes from input (capturing the image) to output (displaying the image) should be consistently in high quality standard. When he capture the images, he applies his engineering principles and processes to artistic photography image creation.

Yoshiki has always loved the outdoors and has a deep appreciation for fine art landscape and nature photography. His subjects include scenic, wildlife, flowers, trees, birds, cityscape, night sky, and much more. 

Yoshiki Nakamura is an internationally award winning art photographer. Some examples of awards are Nature's Best Photography, ICP (International Conservation Photograph) Awards, The Big Picture (Boston Globe), Seattle Times Photo of the year, International Filter Photo Contest, and numerous publications in Reader's Lens of Seattle Times and other local media. Yoshiki's unique and compelling images have been used in calendars, greeting cards and posters. 

写真家の中村良樹です。 シアトルに住み、美しいシアトルや米北西部を中心に写真を撮っています。シアトルデジタルフォトグラフィーにようこそ。シアトルで最高のデジタルフォトをお楽しみ下さい。